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MOBISMART & ITD have entered into a JV for the global exclusive manufacturing of the Mobisun product line.

Toronto, August 15, 2017: In keeping with its commitment to being innovative, Mobismart Mobile Off-Grid Power & Storage Inc. (“Mobismart”) has introduced several products for producing and storing power for remote and off-grid locations. The design phase has taken several years, which has resulted in a truly revolutionary solution. The product line is wide and varied ranging from the presently designed Mobisun Solar Trailer and Mobiwind Vertical Axis Wind Turbine to future product offerings of stand-alone wind turbines to large-scale versions of the Mobisun.

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Obtaining power in remote areas is an expensive challenge. Most needs use diesel engines, which have high fuel delivery and maintenance costs, suffer from irritating loud noise, and are not environmentally friendly due to the burning of fossil fuels.

“The Mobisun system has a tremendous ROI and payback period in comparison to diesel generation. Our customers can also prosper by obtaining carbon credits from using renewable power of solar and wind.” states Nick Efston, CEO of Mobismart. “Our units are extremely quiet and can power base camps, telephony towers, and control posts in any environment from minus 40 degrees C to plus 40 degrees.”

Bringing this incredible product to market, Mobismart has partnered with Innovative Trailer Design Inc. (“ITD”), a prominent, global player in the design and manufacture of custom and specialty trailers. Mr. Efston continues, “not only will ITD be backing the manufacturing of Mobismart’s products, they are introducing our various offerings to their current customers.”

“We are truly excited over our affiliation with Mobismart. They have created an extraordinary power generation and storage mobile system. It addresses the vast needs for remote power ranging from large corporations working in off-grid locations to consumer needs for their cottages and various hobbies.” exclaims Benny DiFranco, CEO of ITD. “With our 50 years of advanced trailer design and a modern facility to produce the upcoming significant orders, we are eager to add this revolutionary product line to our many other offerings.”

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The terms of the agreement provide for ITD being the exclusive global manufacturer and responsible for high quality product standards and warranties, delivery dates, financial support through working capital arrangements, and ongoing R&D into future products and feature enhancements.

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NOW IN PRODUCTION -- Watch the video to see ITD's facility where the MOBISUN is manufactured!

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About Mobismart:

Mobismart is at the forefront of the development of power generation through solar and wind technologies and providing a mobile storage capability. Mobismart’s suite of products is solar power driven with vertical axis wind turbines. Remote monitoring, patentable technology, and ruggedized environmental design distinguish Mobisun from a handful of small competitors.

Mobismart’s products have power outputs that are especially suitable for communication and cell towers, construction sites, mining exploration, and disaster relief. Our hybrid solar and wind solutions have been proven cost-effective where diesel and fossil fuel is currently being used and must be replaced for environmental and economic reasons.

 About ITD:

ITD has deep roots in the transportation industry designing, manufacturing and servicing transportation products since 1971. This experience is evident in our reputation for delivering nothing less than exceptional quality in every product. ITD has been providing industry leading, custom specialty trailers and transportation solutions for clients across the globe. Utilizing our 205,000-square-foot facility, complete with the latest engineering software and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide intelligently designed solutions from the ground up, no existing trailers are ever modified.

ITD is proud to partner with some of the worlds most recognized brands and deliver solutions that solve business challenges such as remote medical clinics, chemical transfer, trades training facilities, fully equipped mobile restaurants and laboratories, event marketing, command centers, disaster recovery, and innovative freight and linen transportation solutions.


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