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Announcing the Spark Single-Axle Solar Trailer

A solution to your mobile power requirements that eliminate the need for costly and high-polluting diesel for electricity.

The MOBISUN SPARK Single-Axle Solar Trailer is currently in production right here in Canada. A made-in-Ontario mobile, green energy trailer to power a variety of industrial applications from security and construction to mining and telecom, agriculture, events and much more.

MBS Spark Solar trailers
The MOBISUN SPARK Single-Axle Solar Trailer is a mobile power unit that is easily deployed in a variety of locations, including off-grid environments. Fully capable of running for extended periods without costly on-site supervision through its unique remote access for live data monitoring, control and programming capabilities.

•  Features a compact single-axle galvanized steel trailer chassis with 4 solar panels that can be towed and placed where you need it. 
• Integrated and optimized power electronics ensure a steady and dependable supply of power at all times.
• Real-time internet system dashboard allows monitoring of live data, battery state of charge and power consumption using a laptop or smartphone.
• Eliminates the need for costly and high-polluting diesel by harnessing solar power for a quiet, green, emissions-free solution to your remote power needs.
• High-efficiency climate control system delivers optimum performance in the most extreme temperatures from -50° to 50°C.

In production and taking orders now! 

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